Bombs Reign Down on Zaragoza

One of the reasons for adding Zaragoza to our itinerary was to be able to visit the Basilica de la Pilar here which is home to two unexploded bombs from the Spanish Civil War.  The cathedral and its surrounding plaza is impressive in and off itself but having the connection to the civil war makes its story even more relevant and interesting.

Upon entering the cathedral, there is a display case that is the home to two of the three bombs (the other sits in a Madrid military museum) that came through the roof of the cathedral but failed to explode on impact.

The holes that served as entry points have been left as a historical reminder of the protection provided by the Virgin Pilar over the cathedral.

The highlight of the visit came when as we were looking at the bomb display, an older Spanish gentlemen approached us and starting telling us anectodal information about the cathedral and its relationship to the war.  We hit it off with him so much he even bought us  special ribbons that were being sold in the cathedral to celebrate Corpus Christie.  The ribbons have the design on the Spanish flag on them and he told us that he wants us to go back to the states and let them remind us about hearing the story of what happened in the Zaragoza cathedral in 1936.

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  1. Elis says:

    I hope more information about your trip

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